Monday, April 6, 2009

"Tell me about it, stud!" by Nicole

Lately, I've been considering making a certain...investment. Considered retro by some and pathetic by others, I've been pondering it for quite some time. Recently, I opened up to a good friend, looking for reassurance, a second opinion, anything(!) to help me's what happened:

Nicole: "Spoo, I want to buy a Bedazzler."
Tregg: "Spoo, you crazy. HAHA."
Nicole: "I want to stud all my clothes."
Tregg: "I want someone to stud ME."

OK, not the reaction I was hoping for. But, COME ON! What better way, in these recession-astic times to save some cash? Instead of spending money on the overpriced rocker-ish clothes dominating the stores, I could just Bedazzle the SHIT out of the ones I've already got!

I wonder how difficult it is to drive studs through a leather boot, anyways.

A Bedazzler runs about $19 on Ebay. You think they'll throw in 500 square silver studs for free? I'm working on it.

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