Saturday, August 22, 2009

"Proj Run is back!" or "I wonder if Lindsay Lohan will ever get a haircut" by Nicole

Oh, sweet indulgence. Thy name is Project Runway.

Finally, Thurdays have meaning again. After 11 months of legal pish posh and half-baked Kelly Rowland-infused knockoffs, our favorite show is back. Someone pass the chiffon.

The premiere episode did not disappoint. Skipping a trip to Ralph's in favor of Mood on Pico, the first challenge was to create an innovative red-carpet worthy dress/gown/whatever to be judged by the biggest whatever of them all: Lindsay Lohan.

This batch of designers shows great promise. That is, all except the bat-shit-ass crazy girl who got the boot after the first challenge. Is it just me, or did Ari look like a dead ringer for Samantha Ronson?

I think we all know who was behind that "Auf Veeds".

Juicy lesbian drama + fashion = Loves it.