Thursday, April 2, 2009

"Listen to me!!" or "Why I hate old people." by Tregg

Besides from the obvious cons of aging, today at Starbucks I was reminded of another reason why I dread getting older.

Two people in front of me in line was an old woman.  She didn't look like the sweet, demure grandma-type.  She was more the "I'll smack you with my cane" type.  I watched patiently as the following scene unfolded:

Old woman:  "I'll have a green tea."
Barista:  "Do you mean a green tea latte, or an iced green tea?"
Old woman:  "From the pitcher, a green tea."
Barista:  "Ok, do you want it sweetened or just add some water to it?"
Old woman:  "Five iced cubes, green tea."
Barista:  "What size would you like"
*Old woman fumbles with her hands, trying to mimic the shape she wants."
Barista:  "Tall, grande, or venti?"
Old woman:  "Grande."
Barista:  "Ok, that's one iced green tea, grande."
Old woman:  "LISTEN TO ME!  *claps her hands together* I want a green tea, five iced cubes, from the pitcher."
Barista:  "Ok, ma'am.  Is that all?"
*she gets her drink*
Old woman:  "Is this a grande?!?!"

Granted, I paraphrased this, but suffice it to say that the woman couldn't accurately explain her order, and the barista was being as understanding as a saint in trying to listen.  I continue to think that Starbucks baristas are the most patient and pleasant employees on the planet, and this further proves it.

When I got up to the cashier, the barista apologized to me for the wait.  I told him he did a great job handling her, and he had told me that's the third time in two weeks she has yelled at him.

I know she may have been losing her mental acuity, and Starbucks isn't exactly the easiest place to place an order, but I still don't know why old people get off on thinking they can act as rude as they want to people who are being perfectly nice to them when they don't immediately get their way.  The sense of entitlement that so many people get when they tip the age scales over 60-65 really annoys me.  Don't they realize soon they will need to be taken care of by their much younger family members?  I will be much more inclined to spring for a swanky retirement home if my parents don't act like angry bags of skin.

I mean, I love my parents.  Definitely no Shady Pines for them.

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