Monday, March 2, 2009

"You've heard of the random ass song, too?! I LOVE that random ass song." by Tregg

I want to admit a weird thing that I do.  Every time I do it I feel kind of like a loser, but it never stops me from repeating the action.  And no, I don't mean removing toilet paper rolls when I see the sheet coming from behind.  I always want it to come over the top from the front.  I never understand why people put the rolls on backward.  I mean, I guess some people don't care, so it's just a 50/50 shot, but seriously, people....

But I digress.

I won't speak for Nicole, but let me know, spoo, if you do this too.  Or anyone else, let me know if you do this.  Have you ever had someone ask you if you have heard of some really obscure song, movie, television show, etc, and you have but were convinced no one else had seen or heard of it?  When that happens to me, I always reply:  "Yes!  I LOVE [that thing]!"

What?  Those who know me know I'm not too easily excitable.  I do however, get really excited when a random interest of mine is somewhat validated by a friend.  They don't even have to like or love the thing they asked me about, they just have to have heard of it, and I am thrilled.

For example:

Friend:  "Have you ever heard that song 'Best Best' by Missy Elliott?"
Me:  "Yes!!! I LOVE that song"  
Friend:  "Oh, really?  That song is trash."
Me:  "...oh, well I mean...I don't love love it.  It's ok."

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