Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"The Cancun Slim Down." by Tregg

Calling all readers of LIOHI:  I am mere weeks away from a family vacation to Cancun (thanks, you guys!) and I have been (half-heartedly) preparing my body for a virtual skin parade while at the pool and on the beach.

To catch you up to speed:  I have been exercising.  Granted, not a ton, but I am trying to do the most effective workouts I've done in, well, forever.  Outdoor running/jogging/hiking, indoor treadmill, weight training, and abdominal and core work are the name of the game.  On the food front, I am doing my absolute best to cut out starches after lunch, protein and veggies for dinner, and scrambled eggs (2 yolks, 3 whites) for breakfast.  I am doing pretty well, but these next few weeks are key.

I leave on March 12th for a week.  If anyone has any tips on last minute, but not too excruciating, diet/workout regimens, I'd appreciate it.  

Let's slim down, LIOHI just in time for the new summer beach season.

But don't you dare tell me to cut out alcohol.  Refer to our Bacardi and Diet post from months ago.

P.S.  Is the guy in that picture real or animated?  And is he wearing blue and black?  HATES IT.

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