Monday, March 16, 2009

"Dye, Bitch, Dye" by Nicole

It's officially a recession, people. I know, this is hardly late-breaking blog-worthy gossip, but in this shit-show of an economy, I know you're all looking for ways to save some dough.

And so, behold - your new BFF. Rit dye.

I confess, I spent many a year of my life passing by these square paper boxes in CVS or Michael's Crafts, thinking "Wow. That looks like a huge undertaking" but, I am happy to report, I am now a gigantic fan of Rit. It's so easy. All you need is a big bucket and some hot water. The recipe on the box suggests that you add 1 Tbsp detergent and 1 cup of salt for best results...but that's just a suggestion. You know. Like stop signs.

Most recently, I used a box of black to turn a pair of perfectly distressed, yet unperfectly colored (who makes off-white anymore, anyway?) skinny jeans into a raven-hued masterpiece. With plenty of dye-bath left over, I threw in my fave pair of skinny black pants that had long ago faded into a sad, fuzzy, annoying, off-black. And, after 30 minutes in the bucket and a quick rinse cycle in the wash.......................perfection!

So, save your money. Don't re-buy your wardrobe: revive your wardrobe! $2.29 buys a box with enough dye to breathe new life into at least five garments.

And the next time you're at Zara, and they only have that vest left in Navy, don't hates it. Don't debates it. Just freakin' GETS it!

Trust me, once you go black, you'll never..not...go black.

Thanks, you dyes!

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