Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hall of Hates It

Here at LIOHI, we're experts at offending people. It's become like a full-time job. After all, not everyone is going to loves it.

However, we often find ourselves on the receiving end of the offensive. Here's a list of a few "hates its" we'll hates till we just can't hates no more:

1. The Drop Ceiling

Invented in God-knows-when by God-knows who, this is right at the top of our Hates It list. The worst possible scenario is a drop ceiling at a wedding. Ugh. We're judging you. Deal with it.

2. People who can't take a joke

I'm sorry that you felt the need to stop the world to point out that our comment was distasteful, but let's be walked right into it. And if you want to throw the word "distasteful" around...let's talk about that outfit for a second.

3. "Diva" by Beyonce


4. The new Coach Cs

Congratulations, Coach. You now resemble YOUR OWN knockoff. Hates it.

5. Mischa Barton

Why are we still seeing pictures of this girl? She's been out of the scene longer than that girl who was in Waterworld and Andre. You know. The one about the seal? Shouldn't Mischa be living on a beach somewhere running a surf shop by now? ...We can't.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The drop ceiling was invented by a man living in Vermilion Ohio.