Monday, December 15, 2008

Yogurt slinging

Don't you hate it when you're about to put something in your mouth, but before you even start, it gets all over your shirt?

Oh, sick ass!  Not THAT kind of yogurt slinging.  We actually mean YOGURT.  Like this Yoplait, for example.  You people disgust us.

Don't you hate when you open the foil seal and a little bit of yogurt flies onto your shirt?  Whoever decided that yogurt had to be injected with some kind of CO2 cartridge upon packing is going to get a strongly worded letter from The Loves It or Hates It Complaint Department.  And by department, we mean us.

We will take our yogurt and enjoy it.  But please package it with a lobster bib.  Or, more appropriately, a yogurt bib.

P.S.  This is our LEAST favorite flavor.  Just in case you were planning on sending us yogurt, *cough* corporate sponsorship *cough* 

1 comment:

ryansumner said...

yogurt has another bitch-factor.

it's not as healthy as it seems.

packs a sugar-loaded punch.

eat a handful of almonds instead. they're much nicer and can help you fill out a tshirt.