Friday, December 5, 2008

"HATES IT: Stupid LA Drivers" - by Tregg

Granted, I live in a heavily populated city where public transportation is seldom used. But I don't think it's too much to ask to bring the same decorum to Los Angeles city driving that you would in smaller towns.

For example, my most recent fit of confusion and anger stemmed from an encounter I had driving home from work. I was approaching a stop light where several cars were waiting in front of me. As we all stopped, I noticed a car drifting to the right of the lane, as if to either turn or street park. I ever so slightly positioned myself in the leftmost part of the lane, as if to take its place once it moved. Well, loyal readers, the car did not park or turn, and I ended up passing it. I didn't honk, or speed past the car, or even throw up a middle finger. (Secretly, I only flip cars off from underneath my steering wheel so as to satisfy my passive-aggressive road rage but not to upset anyone because they may have a gun.) However, I wish I had my middle finger waving in the air, because as I passed this car, the driver had her window down and stuck her middle finger up at me. I didn't realize passing someone who was driving like an intoxicated 13 year old was a problem, and it was easily the most confusing action ever taken upon me by a fellow driver.

I am not a perfect driver, but I will go as far to say I am very good. Above average. So I will not apologize to this woman, not like I'll ever see her again. And boy am I glad for that, because she was definitely wearing a blue oversized flannel shirt. My only regret, looking back at the incident, was that she didn't turn later down the road, so I could have yelled perfect retort back at her: "Nice flannel shirt, bitch!"

Too much?

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Nate said...

This kind of goes back to a recent post of mine. People do these idiotic things because they are stressed and perceive themselves to be anonymous. The next time a driver flips me off while I'm driving down Santa Monica, I'm going to wave my plastic gun at them, just for fun.