Sunday, September 28, 2008

Retraction: The Exception to Plaid

We made a mistake.

Feel free to take your Burberry trench coat out of the trash can.  This plaid is acceptable.  

However, it should still be used in moderation, as in the underside of your umbrella, or a peek of plaid on the collar of your polo shirt.

Still throw out your solid plaid jacket, but you can keep your plaid socks.

And if you spray Burberry Brit anywhere near us, you can stick it anywhere.  Talk. To. Us.


Anonymous said...

I am wearing Burberry Brit today! It's the bf's fav. So instead of letting him stick it anywhere...should I demand that he let me strap it on?

Devoted fan,
Amy Bentley

Loves It or Hates It said...

You kinky bitch. The answer is a resounding "yes."