Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time to Retire: Plaid

We are taking a stand.  Admit it, you're guilty.

Plaid is hereby over.  Shirts, skirts, it's over.  Unless you want to look like a grungy lesbian, we think it's best that you stick to more flattering patterns like stripes, argyle, and even paisley.  

We've noticed stores like the Gap bringing the lumberjack look back for Fall 2008.  Now our loyal readers already know how we feel about Gap, but let's be more specific and talk plaid.  If you are a lumberjack, not that there's anything wrong with that, we will let you embrace flannel and all of the picnic table cloth goodness that emblazons flannel.  

But if you are going drinking, to lunch, or the movies, try not to look like a working class citizen.  We know you can clean up better than that.

And don't worry, we'll provide a list of what to do along with this rant of what not to do.

It's because we loves you.

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