Thursday, September 18, 2008

LOVES IT: Korto on Proj Run

First of all, to recap:  Joe's outfit last night was trash.  The shirt was kind of cool, but the suit made that poor girl look like a beached whale.  A poorly dressed beached whale, at that.  

Jerell, despite his bony, sick ass chest that makes him look more malnourished than Keira Knightley, had a pretty bad ass outfit.  That pseudo-lesbian client of his somehow liked the "androgynous" quality the dress had, even though that dress was probably the most feminine dress we've ever seen.  But I guess you throw a cool Mr. Roger's sweater over it and it butched right up.

But the real reason behind this post is the amazing, fashionable, baby mama, trash talking, Ohio native Korto Momolu.  We're still not sure why no one pronounces the "R" in her name, but she is a riot.  She basically is just as bitchy as that bitch Terri, but no one seems to mind because she's prettier and isn't a one-trick pony like Terri "I Love Designing Pants" Stevens.

Bring the pain, Korto!  We loves it.

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