Wednesday, September 17, 2008

SICK ASS of the Week: "I wish I hated The Rachel Zoe Project" by Nicole

This show is HOT ASS in a truly SICK ASS way!
Each week, we join Rachel Zoe (46, but says she's 36) for a glimpse into her hot mess of a life in fashion. Accompanied by her bitch-ass assistant Taylor, newbie (and gayest man on the planet) Brad, and husband (and second gayest man on the planet) Rodger, Zoe finds new and exciting ways to make vests out of dead animals, wear her weight in gold bangle bracelets, and work the phrase "killing it" into every other sentence.

You should at least tune in for the racks and racks of designer clothes.

We tune in for Brad's glasses, Taylor's haircut, and to count the laughs. Lines, that is.

Get thee to a derm, Rach - and nobody believes you're in you're thirties. Nice try, though.

We'll be watching again this week...

Sick ASS.

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MadsaboutU said...

OMG. I love this show. You forgot to mention she likes to say "it's bananas" or "to die for" but yes I agree with everything you have to say about her but something about this show is addicting.