Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HOT ASS of the week: "Going out on Mondays" by Tregg

Because going out on weekends is so desperate.

Unfortunately, we didn't run into that little vixen last night, but we did see tranny extraordinaire Candis Cayne perform at The Abbey as we left the comforts of our home to cause some trouble on the first night of the week.

After we watched another scintillating episode of Gossip Girl, Loves It or Hates It, with friends in tow, hit the streets for some innocent fun.

A friend of ours was also hosting a drag night at Here Bar, so how could we resist checking that out?

However, we must say we saw tons of violators of our previously posted ban on plaid, but we're hoping the word will spread sooner than later.  Even worse, we saw plaid shorts.  At the bar.  Where do these people think they are?  I didn't know you could drink $12 martinis in $12 worth of plaid shorts.

The next time you all are feeling like the weekend was too short or that you're in the mood to come into work with bloodshot eyes and reeking of an Effen Vodka bar, put on your drinking shoes and give Mondays a taste of Friday night glory.

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Nate said...

Good times indeed! Although I'm still paying for it today, Monday night was a blast. If only drag queens walked among us a little more often in West Hollywood...