Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let's Do This: Workout at Home DVDs

Just because the beach season is coming to a close, doesn't mean Loves It or Hates It plans on packing on the poundage for winter.  After all, we did skip the Super Bowl two years ago to go to Malibu.  It was 85 degrees in early February.  Thanks, you guys!

Our roommate picked up this treasure of a workout tape, and we rocked out the 20 minute core workout this morning.  It was actually very difficult, and the tension felt in our abdominal muscles was almost as palpable as the tension between Jackie and former lesbian fling Rebecca, who also appears in the video.  For those of you who don't watch the Bravo show Workout, you are really missing out.

Jackie looks amazing as do her hot ass trainers, and they give you a great ab workout while showing you ways to dial up the difficult or dial it down like the weak ass Renessa who modified every exercise.

There are also upper body and lower body portions to the DVD, totaling 60 minutes of fitness heaven.  Pick up a copy and say goodbye to that doughnut you ate from Gelson's yesterday.

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