Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When reality TV upsets us


Spoiler alert:  So we watched Shear Genius tonight and our favorite person did not win.

Dee, who is sporting Tregg's haircut, took home to top prize, much to our chagrin because we were total Nicole fans.

For the record, everyone's final looks were sick ass, but Dee's coloring on her red heads was abysmal.  Nicole definitely won the mark for sleek, simple, and sophisticated.  We won't even talk about Charlie's chipotle burrito concoction on that poor 18 year old girl's head.

Favorite moment of the show:  when the final 3 discussed what they would do with their earnings if they won the top prize and the $100,000.  Nicole would give a little back to her parents who supported her so much and start a salon.  Charlie would pay off his bills, which he said was not that much (total lie) and fix his boyfriend's apparently jacked up nose.  Wait, Charlie has a boyfriend?  He's gay?  Who knew?....Everyone.

But the answer I loved the most was Dee's.  She said she was going to give her mom her dream house, since her mom has been the most important person in her life.  But she was going to give her that dream house with $50,000.  The rest would go to Dee for her salon.  Now, we watch Million Dollar listing, and $50,000 would barely get you a month in a beach rental in Malibu, let alone your dream house.  That's besides the point, though.  Dee kissed away half her money, most likely because she didn't think she'd win and wanted to sound nice to her mom.  Well, she won, and there goes half of her money.  Hates it!

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