Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let's Do This: 90210 The New Class

After 8 long years, our childhood is coming full circle with the rebirth of the classic Gen Y show: 90210.  Sure, they inexplicably dropped the "Beverly Hills" before it, but the excitement levels remain the same.

Basically, much of our childhood was spent in front of the television watching the kids of West Beverly High have sex, fall down stairs, snort coke with $100 bills, and generally lead more amazing lives than us.  It has been too long.

Well, the original show only ended in 2000, so it's kind of like VH1 already airing "I Love the 90s" in early 2000.  We don't love the 90s yet, we just got done loving the 80s.  It's too soon.  But regardless, we love 90210, with or without the Beverly Hills tag.

To summarize, here is our Loves it and Hates it for the new show:

LOVES IT:  AnnaLynne McCord.  She stars in it, presumably as some tramp, and we saw her outside Whole Foods one day and just screamed.  Not screamed her name, just "AAAHHH!!"  in excitement.

HATES IT:  Shannen Doherty.  Although we love her and Jennie Garth in the show, we hate Shannen's messed up teeth.  She needs less 90210 and more Invisalign-0210.

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