Thursday, August 28, 2008

What's the cool jams? Pink - So What?

Granted, it's borderline annoying, but Loves It or Hates It is really jamming on "So What?" by Pink this week.  

The video just premiered on MTV and features Pink riding down Sunset Blvd on a lawnmower.  It openly mocks out her separation from Corey Hart, and features Hart in the clip.

Also, who can't love the line "The waiter just took my table / He gave it to Jessica Simps / Shit!"  Nice use of the sho wo, Pink.


The Bitch and The Blonde said...

Ok, I really REALLY hate to admit it, but I loves this song too. Now forget I ever said that.

Anonymous said...

Wait, was she drunk on the lawnmower, or just plain? I'm itching for a Dondy Bowles re-enactment.

Love, Claire