Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Movie is Trash: "Prom Night"

Ok, you're probably thinking, "Of course 'Prom Night' was trash."  But, seriously it's awful.  Brittany Snow should snow blow us for that performance.  She spends the whole movie being really vulnerable and weak and having bad hair on her prom night.

Jessica Stroup, a.k.a Silver from 90210 The New Class makes a bloated appearance as the first friend to die.  Major accolades for shedding the 40 pounds before attending West Beverly High.

Our favorite part of the movie had to be in the special features when they show the alternate ending.  Not to ruin it for you, like you'll see it, but the movie ends with Brittany Snow crying in the arms of the policeman after her assailant is shot by the cops.  The alternate ending has a voice-over of the dead killer saying "We will always be together."  

We will recommend turning on the cast and director commentary, which is normally annoying, but since this alternate ending is literally 20 seconds, it's bearable. The director explains the voice-over as being a way for the killer to always haunt Brittany Snow, while Brittany interrupts him saying "I am soooo glad you guys didn't use this ending."

Like it was soooo different, Britt.  Fine cinema.  

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Anonymous said...

Hates it! Hates Silver! Hates the Chocolate! Hates that this move is TRASH... like T's hole.