Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Is that an Olympic Gold Medalist in your pocket...?" or "Why I loves that Shawn Johnson won DWTS" by Nicole

Carrie Ann Humminahummina was right - we all underestimated this petite powerhouse.

Earlier in the season, I definitely didn't expect Shawn to end up in the finals. The odds were certainly stacked against her. She's compact - probably about as tall as a My Size Barbie - with thick, muscular limbs that hardly compare to the lithe graceful stems of Melissa Rycroft in the carbless world of Ballroom Dancing. Yet, with each routine, she continued to improve, finally giving a proverbial "talk to the hand" with her electric Cha-Cha-Cha to Michael Jackson's "PYT".

The competition was stiff...but Shawn made us stiffer. (Hey-O!)

I found myself smiling like an idiot through each of her routines. Every twirl, every flip, every false eyelash made me feel full of joy and pride - as if I were watching a shorter, richer, more motivated, thick-thighed version of my younger self up there. Eh - who am I kidding? I had pretty thick-ass thighs when I was 17.

I'm proud of you, Shawn. You looked those tall, skinny, graceful giraffes in the ribcage and you gave them a big, glittery F.U. Now, it's gonna be YOU on the cover of US Weekly! YOU on Regis and Kelly! YOU using that Mirrorball trophy as a dress form!

Here are some shots of Shawn in action. ...Suck it, Rycroft.. There's a new twirl in town.

Loves it.

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