Monday, May 4, 2009

HATES IT: Seasonal Merch in Retail Stores

Don't get us wrong, we love a good sale.  And with the sagging economy (what sagging economy? ugh, we're over it too) sales are more and more frequent.  Loves it.  However, and we're sure we're not alone here, we hate having such a small window to capitalize on these amazing deals.

For example, Tregg still loses sleep over a Calvin Klein leather moto cross jacket circa 2005 that was on sale for $60, originally priced $270 that was in his size but he did not buy.  After realizing this grave error, he returned to the store only to find said outerwear to be gone.  Of course.

For another example, Nicole... well the examples are plentiful, let's say.  Girl never met a sale she didn't loves.

But the other thing we hates is how seasons dictate what our favorite stores carry.  That cashmere sweater you saw in February but couldn't bring yourself to buy?  Well, it's March, and some other bitch is wearing it now.  Those brown Marc Jacob flip flops you didn't buy because you have some DKNY ones, but are now realizing that you foolishly bought those too one?  Just us?  Well, those MJ flips are now in white and black only and in bright accent colors like green and blue.

Dear Retailers,

We understand the capitalism drive to sale price your items and to only stock certain merch for a limited amount of time.  But we are still mourning the loss of jackets, shoes, purses, and sunglasses that someone else is wearing and probably not looking as good as us in.

Sincerely hates it,


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