Thursday, April 30, 2009

"How to be a Vegas Bride" or "I Went to Nevada and all I Got Was This Lousy Pre-Nup", by Nicole

I've always said that if I ever get married again I'm doing it in Vegas, and I'm not alone. Brides have been flocking to Sin City since 1943, when Betty Grable and Harry James tied the knot at the first wedding chapel on The Strip - The Little Church of the West.

Vegas is fast-paced, glamorous, exciting...and just about the only place a girl can get married looking just a little slutty without being judged for it. Here are my top four looks for The Modern Vegas Bride:

Carrie Underwood's petal-covered mini pays omage to the Vegas Showgirl in a way that's almost - dare we say it? - classy. Beware this neckline if you've got man shoulders - it'll just make it worse.

Though the fit of Gwyneth's sheath has been controversial since she wore it earlier this year, we can't help but loves it. The bad-ass black platforms scream "Don't Eff with me!" white the dress whispers "Unless you have to".

If you're more a fan of the Brat Pack-era Vegas, throw on a simple shift with a three quarter sleeve. A few gold paillettes never hurt anyone, either. The A-line of the dress is forgiving if you have a bit of a tummy, and the sleeves are just roomy enough to hide a flask in.

Sweet Christ, Marissa Miller is hot - And the strapless white number ain't too bad either. Pair this with a little black ankle boot and we think we've got ourselves a winner.

Either way - we think a Vegas wedding is hot ass.

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Anonymous said...

i'm LOVING the last one!