Friday, October 3, 2008

Woe is My Denim

We love jeans.  It's our biggest shopping indulgence, and god help us if the price of jeans rises to over $500 because we will re-fi our house to buy said jeans.

But why, oh why, do these jeans that we drop several C-Notes on to make our asses look good get holes in the crotch?  Of all places!

We know the denim is good because when we even touch jeans at American Eagle we get a rash.  Perhaps we wear them too often?  Although, we have about 7-8 pairs that we actively wear on a regular basis, and 3-4 more that make guest appearances in our daily looks.  How much designer denim does one need to sustain a hole-free wardrobe of dark, light, distressed, dressy, and casual denim?

Does anyone else have this problem?  How do we fix it?

Maybe if we weren't Italian and packing so much heat between our legs...


Just kidding.  Nicole doesn't have a penis.


Nate said...

I've never had this problem, but that picture is sick ass! But seriously, where in the crotch are we talking here? Like between your legs and your butt? Maybe the jeans are just too small? Oye! Life is so hard!

Loves It or Hates It said...

Thanks for clearing that up, Spooey.