Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks, you guys! Here's the bill.

We have money on the brain lately.  

We just set up our 12 month CD at WaMu for a bitchin' 5% APY, and we're feeling good.  But apparently not everyone is feeling so good.

Our boss was recently invited to a wedding by some old friends who have been married before.  The wedding invite very explicitly states the casual affair that they are throwing, and are asking for people to bring food for the reception and if they would like, in lieu of a gift, supply money for the couple's honeymoon fund.

We suppose you can conduct your wedding however you like, but if you can't afford to get married, throw a party, and vacation, then don't.  Walk your asses down to the municipal court, get married, and have your friends meet you at Barney's Beanery for a beer.  Don't worry, someone will buy you a round.

Furthermore, is reporting that some people are a little less forthright when it comes to the financial details of their celebrations, leaving their guests with the bill.  

Be leery of invites you receive, because you might be ending the evening with more than a high blood-alcohol content, a stranger who will blow you, or 3 phone numbers you don't plan on calling.

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