Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Loves It or Hates It? 90210 The New Class

We are fully aware that this post isn't going to earn us a lot of friends, but we didn't hate the new 90210.

Granted, we were around for the original and watched it religiously.  Even though we were in 2nd grade, and it was technically past our bedtime, we loved it.  This one had its moments, and we will definitely be tuning into next week's episode to see how it develops.

It is by no means Gossip Girl.  We would not defame the sacredness that is that show.  It is our desktop wallpaper as well as the key to our hearts.  However, there is something to be said for the drunk grandmother, the smart/bitchy/rich/nice-ish Naomi, the gorgeous way the show films Los Angeles, and reunion of Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh.  The latter babysat for the former, and we love how that is totally not feasible but SO just happened.

To recap:

Loves it
AnnaLynne McCord
Jessica Walters as the scotch-wielding grandma
Rob Estes and his ability to look hot in one scene and like a completely different, less hot person in the next scene.

Hates it
Dustin Milligan is supposed to be the heartthrob?
Lori Laughlin
That random goth girl who scared the shit out of us when she popped up from behind Naomi's locker.

Don't hate us, but we don't completely hates it.


Nate said...

I don't hate you. As a matter of fact, I actually enjoyed it last night too. The casting seems to be well done (yes, even Lori Loughlin), and with the right material, these characters can go far. And heart throb Spring Awakening lead can talk to me--on his jet to SF.

It's like being stuck in traffic for an hour on Sunset.

Anonymous said...

I liked AnnaLynne, too! She was, dare I say, more complicated than I expected? She also gave a great quote about her character in EW:

"Every bitch has a little girl inside that didn't get what she needed from somewhere."

Loves it.