Tuesday, September 2, 2008

HATES IT: Ultra-Casual Airplane Attire

Have you ever ridden on a plane?  We have.  We've even been on a plane for 20 hours.  How uncomfortable is it, really?

People that wear sweat pants on planes drive us crazy!  Is it that uncomfortable that you have to wear your pajamas in public when you fly?  We're pretty sure we can pull over wearing jeans and a t-shirt, be comfortable when we fly, and not looks like derelicts in the airport.

"Oh, I have to be comfortable to sleep on the plane."  How long are you really flying for that you can't be in regular clothes?  

Tip:  trade in your Saucony tennis shoes for some Diesel sneakers, and your velour track pants for some William Rast jeans and call it a day.  That way you at least have some credibility when you pass on the Cinnabon you see so many plump people in Sponge Bob pajama pants devouring.

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