Sunday, January 17, 2010

Loves it: Ke$ha - Animal

Never has being drunk and slutty been so damned hilarious.

Ke$ha (the $ replaces the S, as the singer was once told "you don't NEED money, you ARE money) rings in 2010 with a smash debut album that almost makes us want to like the taste of Jack Daniels more.

TIK TOK, her oft-played and much loved first single is in good company with such bouncy tracks as YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG and KISS AND TELL. The record practically begs us to find the nearest party, get a little tipsy, throw up in the closet, and leave our coat behind. Some of us may have already done all of that, but that's neither here nor there. Ke$ha, we loves it.

Only one of the songs can really count as a ballad (the reflective HUNGOVER - which chronicles the heartbreak of a drunk and slutty chick the morning after) and the rest is a glitter-slinging, drunk-texting good time.

Even if you have to pay retail for this CD, I say go for it. Mine was a cheapo $8.99 at Newbury Comics (thanks, you guys!), but with not one lemon in the bunch, it's a good investment all around.

If you're not quite ready to make the commitment - LIOHI highly recommends that you download STEPHEN and BOOTS AND BOYS.

Your welcome.

Now where the hell is my coat?

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