Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HOT ASS of the Week: "FRIENDS re-runs" or "How to Beat the Sick Ass Summer TV Landscape" by Tregg

While the summer is fun for several things-- beach visits, al fresco dining, treating weekdays as weekends like you're still in school-- one thing it lacks is loads of good, new television.  Now, I'm no hater of reality television, but a lot of the summer reality shows are like the stepchildren you receive after marrying someone late in your life.  You feel bad not loving them, but let's face it, they're a pain in the ass at this point.  Shows like Big Brother  and Top Chef: Masters  are laughable in my opinion.  Especially since reality TV also dominates the fall line-up, hello American Idol, summer reality series are literally the television equivalent of being picked last at dodge ball.

So what is an almost-mid-twenties bachelor to do?  Series record arguably one of the best sitcoms ever:  FRIENDS.

I watched this show religiously, but missed much of the final seasons while I was in college.  And once it ended I only sporadically caught it in syndication.  But recently I have found a new love for this classic show.  And besides the fact that I envy the fortune I know they were amassing while shooting this-- $1 Million an episode toward the final years--  I love it more than ever.

So this summer, set your DVR to record every FRIENDS episode it can find.  You will find yourself with plenty of good television to watch while you wait for Melrose Place to premiere on The CW.  Oh, let's do this.

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