Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quoth the Blogger, "Hatesitmore!"

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I slept half-naked and weary,
Over many a carbo-loaded dinner I ate just until,
While I laid there, probably snoring, since TV that night was hella boring,
And then I heard this awful screeching, screening out my window sill,
"Tis some cats," I thought, "Humping outside my window sill,
They bang all day, yet want more still.

The the noise grew more distinct and telling,
By the break of dawn, I believed it more,
For I had heard it yesterday at a different hour,
It was a crow, perched high above once more,
A bird of black, irritating as before,
Quoth the blogger, "Hatesitmore!"

While I could not sleep with this awful yapping,
But his screeching continued, forevermore,
I devised a plan to engage his silence,
So that my ears could be relieved of sore,
To my balcony I retreated swiftly,
Grabbed some ice, I grabbed it tightly,
I tossed it at the bird, "Hatesitmore!"

And the crow, quickly puzzled, quickly fleeing, quickly fleeing,
From the lines outside my window sill, like the Raven of Poe's lore,
I crept back to sleep, eyes are heavy,
Wanting sleep more than ever before,
Thankful my ice worked on that bird from the lore,
Quoth the blogger, "Hatesitmore!"

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Loves It or Hates It said...

Between the brilliance of Tregg's poem and this hilarious pic of Raven Simone...I loves it.