Thursday, March 12, 2009

They tried to make me say "I hates it", I said "No, no, no!" by Nicole

While Tregg is drunk-tanning in Cancun this week, I thought I'd come up with a fabulous gimmicky blog post to pass the time. After much debates-ing and a little hates-ing, here's what I came up with: Announcing....

The first Ever...

LIOHI Fantasy Rehab Draft!!!!!!!!

Basically, it's just like Fantasy Baseball except with drugs and booze.

Here are my personal picks (step off, bitches) for 2009:

1. Lindsay Lohan
You know how it goes. The skinnier you are, the lower your tolerance for alcohol. And...crack. She'll be beligerent at The Ivy in no time.

2. Samantha Ronson
Because those two do EVERYTHING together.

3. Lily Allen
Most recently, Miss Allen went bat-shit crazy on a photog who accidentally bumped her car, causing her to spill her drink. See you at Promises.

What are YOUR picks for this year's draft?

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