Monday, March 23, 2009

"Actually, I could wait to see you again." -by Tregg

Let me explain.

I was looking up a picture for this blog on Google Images (I'll wait patiently for my product placement fee).  I was hoping to find a nice and perhaps slutty picture of Miley Cyrus to go with the headline.  Well, friends, this is one of the pictures that came up.


Wow, Ruben Studdard has really let himself go.

Ok, now onto business.

Semi-recently, I was on AIM and saw a friend online, and I wanted to say hello.  I clicked on there name and typed the simple three-letter word:  "hey."


I accidentally clicked on the screen name BELOW the person I meant to contact.  Now, instead of saying "hey" to someone I saw a few days ago, I accidentally initiated conversation with someone who was in my advanced trigonometry class senior year of high school.

"Remember that time we made funny graphs on our TI-83s?"

With Lady Luck never being on my side, this person was not "away" and was probably right in front of the computer and saw my message pop up.  While we have no dark clouds over our past to make for an odd conversation, I was still hoping said person was watching porn or some other consuming activity that would keep me from having to come up with more idle chatter to follow up my random "hey."

He did reply, and I think I tossed in such cliches and self-confessed cringe-worthy conversation techniques such as "long time no chat" and "how's Ohio treating you?  Oh, sounds fun."  Luckily, we both bored ourselves in Guiness-record speed that this conversation did not last long.

Now I'll add "People I don't chat with but keep on my buddy list to look popular in the event someone else other than me uses my computer" to my list of friend categories.

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