Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movie Review: "He's Just Not that Into You"; by Nicole

Apparently the folks who adapted this book into a screenplay just weren't that into not giving movie goers a happy ending.

I've read this book, and it's like a soft-cover bitchslap with a dedication. The general message is this: "Hey - that guy doesn't like you. Stop texting him twice in a row. He's a douche. You're worth more. Move on. That'll be $16.95, please."

The message of the movie however is this: "Hey - that guy doesn't like you. But he will in 90 minutes, so hang in there! That'll be $16.95, please."

Though, I must say, the film was pretty funny and highly entertaining. It will make for a fun drinking game when it comes out on DVD. I mean, the possibilities are endless!

Ginnifer Goodwin puts hair behind her ear - take a shot.
Scarlett Johansson wears an ugly shirt inexplicably tucked into her jeans - take a shot.
Jennifer Aniston reminds us of every other character she's ever played ever - take a shot.

The biggest challenge lied in not screaming out "Hello, I'm a Mac!" everytime Justin Long appeared on screen.

Movie not as good as the book - take a shot.

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