Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sick Ass of the Week: "The Relationship Power Cycle", by Nicole

Ok, those of you who have T-Mobile don't need me to explain that annoying occurance once every few weeks or so when your cell's behavior becomes erratic, unreliable, and altogether sick-ass.Calls are dropped, no signal can be found, and the pursuit of communication is futile.

When this happens in your mobile world, you may set aside two hours (that you'll never recover, btw) to call Michelle at Customer Care, only to be told that your phone needs what is referred to as a "Power Cycle".

In other words, turn that shit off for now and forget is exists.

Power up after a hot minute or so, and everything will be just fine. You will no longer feel stranded, and your voice will, once again, be heard.

Conveniently enough (for blog's sake), we can sometimes find ourselves in the midst of a relationship "Power Cycle." When all seems lost, when you feel like nothing you say is getting through, and the pursuit of communication seems futile, should we all take a nod from those demons at Customer Care (I hate you, Michelle - if that's your real name) and put that shit aside and just not worry about it?

Can a relationship with a weak signal - perhaps you're roaming, have used up all your minutes, or maybe just carelessly dropped it too often - be as easy to remedy as a tempermental Nokia?

Who knows. All we can do is enjoy a moment's peace and bask in the vain hope that when we turn it back on, everything will be just fine.

Some call this denial. Some call it optimism. I'll call it whatever you want, as long as I don't have to talk to that bitch Michelle.