Saturday, January 24, 2009

HOT NERD BOMB EXPLODES IN NYC: LIOHI's Nicole joins cleanup crew

The Hot Nerd Bomb. (n): the unexplained phenomenon involving a surplus of hot guys in glasses in a contained space. All of whom you would totally bone.

Ex: "Did you see that tall guy with the arms in the ray bans? It's like a hot nerd bomb went off in here."

I can't explain it. But I like it. I spent a day in NYC yesterday and, in between auditioning for grad school and guarding my purse, I could not believe how many hot nerds were just walking around like they owned the joint.

They were EVERYWHERE. Tall ones. Taller ones. ....Even TALLER ones!

Just in case you havent had the pleasj of seeing one of your own, the criteria to officially qualify as a hot nerd is as follows:
Slim to slightly muscular build.
Mussed hair
V-or Crew Neck Sweater
Man bag

Should you come upon one in the aftermath of The HNB (Hot Nerd Bomb) of '09, do not let him get away! They are elusive, quick moving little creatures and GOD FORBID there's an Apple Store within 100 feet...

Me likey.

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