Friday, October 10, 2008

Ugly Shoe Contest: Steve Madden Warli

Kudos to Steve Madden for not even BOTHERING to come up with a pretty sounding name for this monstrosity.

Sick ass. It looks like something Mischa Barton would wear. And NOT Mischa Barton in reruns of the O.C. Like, Mischa Barton from InTouch magazine with the pork pie hat on.

We get it - fringe is in for fall. We may even have a coups fringy pieces in our wardrobes...but please - spare us the mocassins!

There's just no need.

Ugh. We feel dirty. And now we have that "Colors of the Wind" song stuck in our head. Hates it.

1 comment:

liz g. said...

tied with cruggs.