Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fan Mail

We forgot to post this when we first got it, but hopefully it will be received as warmly by our readers as the day we first read it.

In response to our rant on Project Runway, we received the following email:

"Why are you questioning the fact that the R isnt pronounced in Korto's name? She is not american in other countries different letters are pronounced differently. I thought that comment was silly. Also her frankness, or silent nature is a characteristic of her culture. African women are poised and are mistaken for being rude. It is similar to Italian men who give each other a kiss on the is just about of their customs."

We appreciate the feed back and feel no need to comment on it. After all, we are huge proponents of the First Amendment.

Thanks for the comments and keep reading!

1 comment:

Loves It or Hates It said...

Spoo, I just read this one again and I lol'd.

Relax, people. This is lovesitorhatesit.

Love, Nicole