Thursday, September 11, 2008

SICK ASS of the Week: "Twenty-seven is almost thirty, which is almost late twenties" by Nicole

Does this mean I can't buy cheap bead necklaces at Forever 21 anymore? Sick ASS!

Getting older can ride me. If one more person tells me the best time of my life is from 30-40 I'm gonna shoot myself in the face.

Here's what getting older means to me, at 27:
1) Slower metabolism
2) Wrinkles
3) Talbots

Wow. Twenty-sevs.

It's Countdown-to-Thirty time, people. Pretty soon I'll be having a baked potato with every meal and eating breakfast at 4:30 in the morning.

I can see the blogs now: "Loves it: FIBER!" "Hates it: MediCare."

SICK ASS of the Week: "Cottage got T.P.d again...goddamn teenagers!" by Nicole.

Actch, make that "Mansion got T.P.d again..." I plan to be married to LaBoeuf by then.

Thanks, you guys!!!

Whoa. ...Stood up too fast.

Hates it.

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Loves It or Hates It said...

Talbots! Fuck me dead. And loving the new "Ride Me" tag.