Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Reinvention of Christina Aguilera

For the recs, we like Christina Aguilera.  But we are beginning to think she thinks she's Madonna.  Her Stripped album was great.  As far as we know, it didn't really have a "theme."  

Back to Basics was also pretty good, but it decidedly did have a theme.  Now Christina's new theme is "The Future."  Besides that being the lamest theme ever, and painfully obvious since her last album was retro, we don't get it.  Why the need to reinvent yourself?  

You are not Madonna.  Just make music.  It's not a college frat party.  It doesn't need a theme.

Onto her performance at the VMAs.  We're sad to say that we like the song.  The Genie in a Bottle futuristic remix was a little odd, but Keeps Getting Better is a decent jam.  However, even though she did just have a baby, Christina needs to Agui-let go of the Poptarts.  She was def busting out of that cat suit.  We remember that catsuit:


Ivie said...

I enjoyed the new remix to her old song and I REALLY liked her new song...I hadn't heard it before...

Chad Jamian's Brain said...

i liked PINK!