Friday, September 5, 2008

Make our day. Or at least be funny.

The message of this post can definitely extend beyond what we're going to talk about, but the jump off is Facebook.  More specifically Facebook photo albums.

Why do people update old photo albums with new pictures?  Clearly, they weren't taken at the same time, so why not leave the old album alone and start a new album?

Don't bore us with pictures of just you that you crop all your friends out and name the album "Just me" or worse, your full name.  You can do that for your profile pic, but why do we want to see an album of pics where you look like you're having fun but you cropped out the fun?

Don't bore us with boring album titles.  "Random" or "Thursday" are not funny.  Post pictures up of good times so people you don't like can see how fun you and your friends are.  If you go out on the weekend, hopefully you had enough fun to title the night and the photo album.  Random doesn't cut it.

That's how we feel today.  Just don't bore us.  We're funny.  Or at least we try to be.

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