Thursday, September 25, 2008

HOT ASS of the week: "Tuscani Pasta from Pizza Hut" by Tregg

I know, I know.  Why, even after beach season ended, am I endorsing this carb-infested caloric shit show?

It is damn good people.  And so budget-conscious.

I picked up this tasty morsel, or rather, smorgasbord, Tuesday night for dinner.  After countless commercials, I had to try it.  It says it serves a family of four and comes with 5 bread sticks.  I don't know who is supposed to get that fifth bread stick, but since I bought it for myself, thank you very much for the extra piece.

This dish has been feeding me for days, and it reheats very well.  So if you've budgeted some calories in your diet for what, I'm sure, is just a tragedy to any waistline, order up!

I'm doing 400 crunches a day to combat its effects.  Lord help me.


Katie said...

It does look delicious, but I refuse to patron Pizza Hut until they bring back twisty crust pizza. It's bad enough that it was only seasonal, but now it's just non-existent (and what the hell happened to the apple-cinnamon dessert pizza?). TWIST MY CRUST, PADDY!

ryansumner said...

Pizza Hut rocks...well, minus the "express" ones. You know, the half A&W half Pizza Hut or the half Taco Bell half Pizza Hut. Ugh. Sick. Hates those.

"My" Pizza Hut is a well-respected, popular dining venue over here in the Midwest. And yum, pasta now? Bring it.

Nate said...

Tregg, we Midwesterners like you, me, and Ryan up here know all about the wonders of Pizza Hut. In my little town of 7,500, Pizza Hut was a world of fine dining where families came together on Friday night or Sunday brunch after church to indulge in the buffet, hot ham 'n cheeses, and the occasional Book It! mini pizza. These pastas are the latest in what will undoubtedly become a new tradition in the Pizza Hut legacy!