Monday, September 8, 2008

DVR, why do you hate us so?

Mondays are really stressing us out.

No, not the fact that it's the end of the weekend, and we're fat and hungover.  There is way too much good television for our poor, dual-tuner DVR to handle.

For example, at 8:00pm on The CW, Gossip Girl is on.  Clearly, this show has occupied a prominent position in our Series Record folder for a year.  Nothing is going to change that.

However, we also fell in love with Terminator:  The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Don't ask us why, but it might have had something to do with Thomas Dekker or Brian Austin Green.  

To make matters worse, The Big Bang Theory got us laughing our asses off.  As unluck would have it, all of these shows are on at 8:00.  We can only record 2 at one time.

This week we got a break, since The Big Bang Theory has not premiered yet, but that did not stop our DVR from not recording Terminator.  Why, oh why?

To make matters worse, it cut off the crucial last few minutes of Gossip Girl, even though we had our TV set to The CW in addition to recording it.

Say it with me now, HATES IT!

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Nate said...

I can feel your pain. Last night I had to record Terminator, Gossip Girl, AND One Tree Hill. Luckily, I was able to watch Terminator while recording Gossip Girl, and watch One Tree Hill while it was also recording, but Thursdays are going to get really bad. Smallville, Survivor, and Ugly Betty will be going head to head! I find that I let all of my favorite ABC shows slide because they have, hands down, the best online viewing experience. Just a thought!

P.S. How AMAZING was Terminator last night? Gossip Girl too!