Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LOVES IT: "Ross (Dress for Less)" by Nicole

Things that make me go "OOF!":

1.)Hot men in linen

2.)High-waisted skirts, and

3.)Finding these HOT ASS Michael Kors ankle boots that I've wanted FOREVER at Ross for $40!

(Nordstrom wanted $189.)

...Still cocky and slightly high from my otherworldly retail experience, I victoriously wave my blue and white receipt in the air and declare "Suck it, Nordies, This store is my God now!"

Well, for now, anyway.


Nate said...

Don't hurt yourself Kathy!

The Bitch and The Blonde said...

TOTALLY. Hot tip: Ross is amazing for kitchen items and holiday junk. XOXO, the b*tch.