Monday, August 25, 2008

SICK ASS of the week: "Katie Homes' Jeans" by Nicole

Just when you shought she couldn't get an y un-sexier, Katie Holmes (or "Homely", as we will henceforth be calling her) has decided that The Slouch Boyfriend Jean is her new go-to.

I can't.

Why would you do this to your body? Now, I must admit, never been a gigundo fan of Homely's style to begin with, but this is too much. My CAT has fewer whiskers than these jeans. And something about the fit makes me want to bust into a medley of songs from Aladdin. me crazy.

And don't even get me started on those shoes!

Ugh - it's almost like she's making an EFFORT to make her body appear as bizarre as possible. Will someone please teach this poor little misguided boygirl about PROPORTION?? Scoop neck long sleeve tee, low rise blouson jean...cropped(!) with a man-belt, and strappy sandals?!?!? And what's with the shoulder bag? Has she got a Minolta camera in there? When did Homely become a Japanese tourist?

Sick ass!

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