Friday, August 22, 2008


Ugh. Crocs. Shoot us.
Where do we even begin with these hideous things?

We can only assume they were originally invented for old ladies with green thumbs and back problems. Why would you wear these things in public?!?!? They don't even make your feet look cute!

New game: Croc Spotting. Bring your digital camera and your bestie to a public place (preferably a tourist-heavy locaysh) and take pictures of every pair of Crocs you see.
Try not to be blinded by the fug.

On a recent trip to Seattle, we totaled 55 individual offenders at the Space Needle. Those numbers are shocking! ...And we didn't even make it into the gift shop - we were too nauseous...and NOT from the heights.

Please, folks - leave the Crocs in the garden. You won't have your picture snapped by a stranger, and we'll get to keep our lunch down.

Hey, look at that - everyone wins!

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